Re-Generation festival: “Plant to the beat”

From 28-30st of September the Re-Generation festival is taking place in La Junquera. Our friends who live in the village, decided after all the hard work they’ve done, it’s time to celebrate life with more passionate people who would like to participate in driving social, environmental and economic change, through the festival.

During the Re-Generation festival a lot of great activities will happen, it’s about sharing knowledge and ideas relating to economic revitalization of rural areas, eco-restoration, and circular agriculture. Next to this, music and art will bring participants from all over the world together and food&drinks of course come from the local producers. All stakeholders who are connected to La Junquera will be present to explain and discuss their initiatives.

Our ReDock team will also enjoy this festival. If you would like to connect with us, please let us know and we will meet up!


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