The ReDock Experience //

The changes the world has to make to overcome global warming,lack of bio diversity, desertification, inequality of wealth etc. etc. are so divers and so far-reaching that it is almost impossible to imagine where it leads us to.

One thing is for sure, it will touch almost everybody on this planet. Rich or pour, private or corporate, we all have to start thinking about this new world and how we would fit in with our work, our lifestyle and our ingrained habits.

ReDock is the place where you can experience the life we should live to be in balance with nature, restore the harm we’ve done and still be in the middle of serious business and innovation.

Connect to nature //

We cannot see nature as a product or tool any longer. We need to acknowledge that humanity is part of nature and we need to stop the devastating harm we do to our planet.

ReDock not only let you experience to be part of nature again but it also teaches you how to restore nature and treat it with the respect it deserves without loosing the business it always brought us. Be ready to look at nature and agriculture at a completely different perspective.

Connect to green business //

The sustainable world will bring us a lot of challenges, lot’s of innovations and lot’s of new business. Problem is that if everybody is thinking for themselves we will not work on an integrated model for change.

ReDock wants to be a centre for green start ups meeting experience market leaders to boost innovation. The setting and surrounding is ideal to take large steps in awareness and knowledge transfer of all that wants to undergo the experience.

Connect to the future //

ReDock is not a hide out or unplugged area. The difficult future we are facing needs all the technology we can get to be able to handle it in the right way. People are complex, nature is complex, the challenges are complex. But day by day we have more tools to understand it, control it and steer it in the right direction. Big data control, life communication and state of the art services are all within reach and should start to work for us and our daily life. The ReDock based villages are aiming to offer the future of technology blended in a natural and human setting.

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