ReDock Spain - Altiplano de Murcia //

For this project in Spain, we started with a small medieval village in Alti Plano, to work as a blueprint for other ReDock villages. Unfortunately after finishing final design and selecting the right investors, the project has been put on hold for a longer period. In the final stage of moving towards construction, owners could not overcome old disagreements in order to make way for the future, and the village turned out to be partly unavailable.

The Regeneration Academy at the village La Junquera will keep going on strong: for more info see https://www.regeneration-academy.org

It showed us once again that projects like this can experience unexpected challenges. That is why ReDock decided to simultaneously start up different series of projects in Europe, Africa and China. This spreading of risks increases the chance of developing the first ReDock villages in the coming years. All these fresh projects are in some way connected to an eco-restoration project and all projects will have some form of education. We also hope to announce a partnership on reforestation next year.

We shall continue to work on restoring our planet. We’ll continue to ally with enthousiasts game changers all over the world, and we are perfecting a solid working model, which allows all those people that want to cooperate in their own way. Together we’ll prove we can lead a real sustainable life in the countryside of the future.’

Concept Design //

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