The ReDock story //

ReDock is a collaboration between companies and designers with the common goal to create a model of living, working and learning that is an example of how we need to live to create and sustain a healthy planet for the years to come. The desired outcome is a variety of ReDock-villages across the globe that demonstrate how a balanced and sustainable world can actually become reality.

The 10 ReDock principles //

What are the 10 essential ReDock drivers and principles that will create this model:


By mixing different generations, companies, NGO’s, entrepreneurs, consultants and green thinkers, the village boosts creativity and innovation. Offices, shared information points and many meeting places with the best communication and information tools stimulate coincidental encounters. Innovation sessions, meetings and shared programming stimulate in depth interaction between the different groups of people.


The ReDock village is always located in a poor, remote and worn out area that will be transformed into an ecological area where agriculture will be executed in balance with nature. In partnership with Commonland and AlVelAl, ReDock contributes to a large-scale landscape restoration industry that combines and connects three different landscape zones for a period of twenty years while delivering four returns.


The ReDock village is self-sustaining when it comes to energy, food and waste. The aim is to disconnect the village from the grid completely and implement alternative energy sources for the entire set up. The options include solar panels, heat pumps, a hydrogen tank and a bio boiler as back-up. All waste, rainwater, grey and black water will be part of a re-usage or recycle program that aims for a complete circularity of these energy systems.


State of the art technology will be implemented to ensure easy, smooth and fast communication of the ReDock village with any other place and to monitor the fields and energy usage. Besides that, the village also functions as a test site for innovative green technologies when applicable.


To prevent unbalanced growth or loss of sub-activities, costs and profit will be shared in a cooperation. The aim of the cooperation is to realize and retain a successful village as well as protecting and developing its underlying green concept.


Living a healthy and happy life is one of ReDock’s core values. A swimming pool, sport facilities like yoga or fitness training and a silence room are part of the standard provisions of the village. Together with a ‘farm to table’ food program and communal work on the fields, this village stimulates a healthy and happy way of living.


The ReDock village blends working, living and learning in balance with nature. Education on all levels like courses, workshops on various topics which which emphasize eco restoration, green technology, sustainable innovation, permaculture and life-long learning. We will collaborate with educational organizations in the agriculture areas, which will function in the eco restoration information center. We will invite lecturers to live permanently in ReDock village or to pay the students a regular visit. With the latest technologies even remote education will be possible and for the younger pupils amongst the community we develop a unique educational program.


With our hospitality program we attempt to involve each resident in the daily functioning of the village although a permanent staff will always be present at the reception, the restaurant and at the farm. Whether you stay for a week or for several years, the ReDock village wants every person to feel at home. It offers a unique experience for all visitors by providing a supportive service that runs in the background.


For every ReDock village, working together with local communities is of great importance. The local environmental and/or social issues will be part of the development program. An active participation of ReDock’s residents plays a fundamental role within this program.


While working towards a green future, the ReDock village continuously needs to adjust, develop and improve over time. Due to a changing occupation of green entrepreneurs, companies and other visitors or residents, the village always receives new input by which it can learn about new developments and applications of green technology and sustainable agriculture.

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