ReDock Spain - Altiplano de Murcia //

A medieval town in Alti Plano de Murcia has been abandoned for many years now. Within 32.000 m2 it used to house upon 150 people, who spent their lives working on the fields.
The combination of an old church, an old inn, a stable and lots of houses in a reasonable state makes this village very suitable for a ReDock purpose.

At this time, we are looking for investors that are able to help us take the next step to complete the construction of the first ReDock village in the Alti Plano which should start end 2018.

To mention some impressive figures:

  • A cooperation of Dutch entrepreneurs have shown interest and support the initiative;
  • The organization of 200 local Spanish farmers is fully aligned and cooperative;
  • 250k of seed capital has been committed;
  • The design development is validated;
  • At this moment, 4 residential units are pre-leased;
  • There are a few local project managers on site;
  • The first residential building is being reconstructed as we speak.

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