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What you can expect of us the upcoming year:

Let’s rethink the way we live

Don’t we all have the feeling we are moving away from nature and we’re being pushed into a lifestyle based on money and business… while loosing our grip on the deeper purpose in life?

As a community we are not exactly preparing this earth for our children, let alone for the future ahead. While so much positive knowledge is within our grasp, we are hesitating to take steps for the better. What if we… just redo our way of living, working, educating?

If we feed the world, then the world can feed us. In the next two years a team of innovators, designers, universities and experts will work together to re-create an ideal living environment. We will not just build a new village: we want the best and happiest possible circumstances in the field of health, nutrition, ecology, sustainability, education and employment, all coming together in a new living model. And meanwhile restore the balance between nature and us. This project will be called ReDock.

Follow our journey step by step, and help us so we can realize this amazing project together with your support. By your enthusiasm, or by your aid.

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May 2017 - Learning environment

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Alphabet movie

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