Rethinking the way we live

And then everything stood still…What nobody thought to be possible happened in a matter of weeks. A total silence came over us. A heavy time for lots of us on personal and economical level.

But whatever way you look at it, we were all experiencing a unique moment in time. No planes, noise, pollution. No shopping, travelling nor outdoor dining. We got a taste of how a sustainable future could look like; blue skies, quietness and fresh air all around. With a feeling to be close to nature and a time for reflection.

This all because we felt an urgency for a virus that will harm a half % of our population.
Could we feel the same urgency for a worldwide issue that will harm not only 100% of us and our children but will harm generations to come? That blue sky, that quietness, that quality of life could be the present we’ll give to our children, it could be our legend.

The money we will spend in the next years to drive up our BBP again, the money we keep on spending on developing a fossil future could be partly spend on clean energy, on creating jobs in the sustainable business and on restoring our worn out eco-systems.
If we call to action in the same way we did for Corona we will be able to give these clean skies to our children.

ReDock calls to action and is searching for visionaries, investors, farmers, students, corporates, hotels and volunteers to build a network of green sustainable communities all over the world.
Our blueprint has been developed in the last 3 years and it already proved to be feasible in the locations we are starting up.

Don’t turn your back on this unique moment in time but ask yourself where your money and energy should go now. Start running again towards this wall we will surely hit or start building a sustainable and clean future for us and our children?

What are we going to do?
We will build our own community settings, which are going to be leading examples. These will be the accelerators for eco-restoration practices, these will be communities for people who have the same intrinsic drive to start this future in an ecological, financial and social sustainable way. These nature-centered places will be social hubs for entrepreneurs to work and learn together.

The right place to build our future…

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