This is how I think one day at ReDock village will look like

Reclaiming the countryside

Wouter: “I get up in the morning woken by the sounds of the birds and the early workers leaving to the eco restoration plants to do some sunrise harvesting. I have to do some work in the common gardens this afternoon as well, but this morning I have a business meeting with my team. No more traffic jams to the city: last half year we are meeting here, in the village as it also turns out to be more productive and inspirational.

I moved to this village 3 years ago with my family and we are enjoying every minute of it. The kids are developing incredibly fast at the internal education system called ‘Circular School’. It has been acknowledged by the government as being the most rewarding and effective learning system of its time. With our own joined effort we improve the food quality, the knowledge transfer and the quality of our lives, which is already great!

Last evening we had a guest on the Skype screen. It was a great conversation with almost the whole village about our ethical similarities and differences. It inspired us to see how we can live even better together when we get to know each others cultures and values.

More and more global climate refugees are coming this way and also stay in the village for half a year or more. The education program for the refugees is working above expectation. More and more are starting their own ReDock community attached to an eco restoration project. They are also completely self sufficient on food and energy. Big mono farming is getting rare and you only still see them serving some big cities.

The land around us is with respect for nature and in balance with the ecosystem, and it thanks us by bringing water, moist land, grains for the few animals we have and (which is less logical than it seems) fresh air.

I feel better than ever! No need for gyms here, they say our life expectation has risen above 100 average. Can you believe it?” This is how I imagine one day in the life at ReDock village.

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