The steering wheel

‘We are responsible to ourselves for our own existence, consequently we want to be the true skipper of this existence and refuse to allow our existence to resemple a mindless act of chance’
– Friedrich Nietzsche

This is so true. Nobody wants a life that is based on some coincidences. A life without a place at the steering wheel and future vision without any depth or sense.

So, instead of adapting all that enables us to grow and prosper, let’s lock ourselves up for 16 years in a place we call school and then commit ourselves to another 35 years wasting time in a place we call office. After that we are finally released but, of course, without any steering wheel.

Why did we organise our lives in this way? We never had so many depression amongst our youth: the consumption of alcohol and drugs use has never been so high. This rollercoaster we adapted to is based on escapism and ‘consumism’.

But we DO have a place at the steering wheel! We need to steer away from this terrible circle that only feeds a few percent of us with loads of money. In order to be on the steering wheel we need to start living a different, personalised life. We need to dare and take that step towards the essence of freedom, trust, nature, education and self expression.

In other words: we need to redock.

We are as we speak working hard to develop a blueprint for everybody who feels the need to ‘ReDock’. Take control, embrace the freshness of an inspiring challenge and follow our journey!

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