“I’ve chosen a different life”

We all read the articles about healthy life styles and the effect they have on your body, your mind and your soul. We read them… but do we act on them?

Several communities have proven that these lifestyle theories are actually working. In Blue Zones people live longer, the Amish community are the healthiest people in the world (at least in a physical sense) and so on. But still these communities are not popular for the outside world to at least learn a lesson on how to treat ourselves better. Question is if we are so self-destructive as human beings or that we just don’t dare to take a step to an other life.

For 35 years I have been involved in a hectic working tempo, at times forcing me out of my comfort zone, overstepping boundaries. I decided a couple of months ago to stop the rat race, and move to a simple house in Italy with a hectare of ground. It is probably too soon to come to conclusions but I already sense a great transition in physical strength, mental strength and basic happiness.

The cost of living here is low, and by earning some money on the side with a job I can handle from here we are able to live close to nature, being outside almost all day, doing some work on the land and improving our knowledge of nature and self-reliant living. A huge improvement… that started with a simple choice.

Looking back, the way we punished ourselves with a stressful and competitive life in a roller-coaster of money-earning and money-spending seems so odd. Looking back at it from a distance it is highly imaginable that the next generation decides not to walk in to the same old trap, preferring to move to nature, to live a life of sustainable richness without the focus on money and consuming.

It is up to us to give them that possibility. We have seen the dark side of economics long enough to grant them the better side humanity has to offer.

Did you also made such a choice? Join us now!
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