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We are ‘rethinking life’ for more than half a year but the bug that keeps popping up is how our world could become a way of living that is healthy, happy and in balance with our planet.

Our half-year journey led us to to these three questions:

  1. What does a sustainable world look like?
  2. Is it achievable in practice?
  3. How do we get from the current A to the desired B?


1. What does a sustainable world look like?
A world in balance is all about far better balance. In a better world, resources are re-used for almost 100%, global warming has come to a stop, energy comes from sun and wind. In that world the people have enough to eat, money and work are shared in an equal way, general focus is not on consuming and competing but on keeping the planet spinning, and people are more healthy and more happy with life then ever before.


2. Is it achievable in practice?
– Can resources be re-used for almost 100%? Yes!
When the cycle starts with sustainable production of goods that are already prepared to be re-used, we can reach a 100% re-use. Waste will be history.

– Do we have the technology to make the whole world thrive on sun and wind? Yes we do! It’s a matter of rolling it out and with the current innovations this will only go faster and be cheaper day by day.

– Do we have enough food for everybody on the planet? Yes!
Even with the expected 9 billion people in the future we can all eat good organic and honest foods. The key is to change the way we do agriculture and we need to cut on eating too much meat. But we do have enough arable land available when eco restoration is applied.


The beauty is in the sum of these changes. When all these changes set the world in motion, a greener world will generate a lot of jobs for a lot of people. It will at the same time de-globalize the economy as energy and food will be local matters now.
This de-globalization and self-reliance will boost a more equal sharing of wealth,
jobs and chances.


It will probably not be a political establishment that will put these wheels in motion. It shall start with a group of people deciding they want to live in a different world, spreading the word by social media, and making it grow.
If this group gets bigger and connects to other thinkers and realizers it could make a shift in paradigm and spread over the world.


This change of common thinking needs a home. And we are not waiting on decision makers: we are moving ahead, linking knowledge to projects. The energy and desire to do better is all around: we just need communities and individuals to feel self-conscious and aware.

ReDock will open it’s first green village around a year from now and we hope it will inspire a lot of people to have a look, have a stay and choose for a different life a well. Do not just wait for it to happen: it’s a hard necessity that we re-think and act to safeguard our future and that of our children.

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