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Deliberate or not, over the last thirty years we have drifted into a system of working and consuming that promised us maximum freedom based on individualism.

However, we also got accustomed to that swamp of competitive thinking that lead to individual focus and a dramatic drainage of empathy. The society we created is one with the wall between winners and losers: even worse, one where ethics and morals gradually seemed to fade out of the system.

But times are changing and we see that a lot of people are yearning for a sense of identity and belonging. The globalization has only increased the loss of identity and therefore strengthened the call for more nationalistic and gated countries.

This call is a disguised wish to live together again in groups or communities that have a sense of belonging and therefore come closer to the natural social habitat of human beings.

ReDock learned from elements of success in other communities like Blue Zones, Amish, Kibbutz etc. to thrive for a modern living, learning and working model in a natural setting. A pleasant number of people with a common goal in a cooperative model and a wish to live close to nature combined with a state of the art connectivity and an ongoing education model.

This just might be the home for the new generation of sustainable entrepreneurs, ecological farmers, students and volunteers. But also the home for every person, every family who is determined to do it the right way and is ready to ReDock. How about you?

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