Saving the planet as a way of life

There is no going around it: the sustainable revolution is coming! The last effort of populists to hang on to the old model will only strengthen the people who just want to make a better world, and rise the wish to do so. And they have the wind at their backs! Technology is all set to replace fossil fuels with alternative resources. Next to that we rediscovered how to restore the earth and we proved that with ecological farming we CAN feed the world and protect the eco diversity at the same time.

The new sustainable world will create more jobs than the ‘old school’, it will diminish the power of the fossil industries and will bring more wealth and comfort to a much larger part of the world population.

Fiction? Just look around you! The first signs of the new wave are all around us. Eating less meat, less focus on consumption and materialism is slowly becoming the new trend, and the new way to live for many (often young) people.

We are at the doorstep of an era of change and the more people believe in this reset the faster it’s going to happen. Saving the planet, restoring the earth and making a better world is growing to be the new meaningfulness, the new reason to live.

It is all about taking steps. Steps towards a tomorrow that is not already balanced out, but in desperate need of our involvement. And that is what the ReDock team does: by giving this new wave a real settlement. A place to live, work and learn, inspire and innovate, to be an example to all who search for a chance to be part of making a difference.

Let’s turn our backs to populists.
Let’s embrace this new wave.
Let’s revive the only earth we have…
Let’s ReDock!

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