A long life learning

I always wondered why nobody invented ‘Brainbook’ next to Facebook. A worldwide network of brains you can reach out to when needed. To share problems you want to solve or ask for brainpower in your neighborhood when you’re in need of skills. Just think about it: you would be assisted by people who are motivated to share their knowledge and earn knowledge at the same time!

In our ReDock village in Spain we will have a sharing platform where everybody is responsible for the well being of the village and its inhabitants. All villagers are motivated to spend 10 hours a week in aid to the community; work on the land, help in the restaurant, assist with finishing a house or a barn. With all these activities under guidance of skilled people, the learning process simply follows automatically.

The huge eco-restoration in the surrounding area will of course be the main project for the next 20 years; it’s the biggest eco-restoration in Europe! The people of the village can help with this great project by growing and planting the trees and cuttings. They receive a two week training on how eco-restoration works. This training brings knowledge as it teaches how nature works. But at the same time it brings a solution to a worldwide problem we need to address; restoring 35{f4c266a470fc3d8c9597148c9dcc3fa35634a6db0fc07f292e7d1e393ba820aa} of the once fertile land and turn it into an eco-system again!

And let’s not forget the village school! The school plays an important role in the education of the community. It’s a ‘school of life’ where the elderly teach the young… and the other way around. Where living sustainable and in balance with nature is always a central theme, with the focus on developing happy responsible people with a broad knowledge and skill set.

The school will always be open for all villagers, no matter what age you have.
Learning is a life long process and the diploma should be a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Eager to learn more? We’ll give you more details about the village and the school as we proceed with the development.

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