The school that honours human thinking

Each one of us has been through several years of school, and few of us had reasons to challenge its essence, or the foundations of it.  We all accepted a military sort of organisation, with children divided by year of birth, the school lessons, where we have been forced to sit for hours, in a bare room, to listen and not talk, and the tests and exams where our teacher would stamp our quality certificate as if we would be products.
We learned topics, decided by some people above in the chain of command, we had to trust and believe those informations as the good ones, and we had to be the same of each others, differences where not tolerated, and considered lack of skill and intelligence.

This sort of school, in which education and knowledge were merged is the one which also raised a generation of young Germans who exterminated millions of people in the forties, and paradoxically it is still the one running today. It is a school which aim is to send to the leading classes the children of the leading classes, and deny that opportunity to the lower ones. A school which values academic knowledge against manual and empirical one, which keep building white and blue collars.

But today with the globalisation, the internet, and the democratisation linked to the digital development of the society, this school is not only obsolete: it is dangerous for the peaceful development of the world.

Today each and every one of us has the world knowledge virtually with him, with the infinite opportunity of information, training and sources of the internet. Very few of us are still capable to make hand calculations thanks to computers, or either know geography thanks to navigation software. But if used well, this power could give fast professional up to date training, and hyperbolic innovation development worldwide.

The topics and the skills which are required more and more are the soft ones; management, negotiation, synthetic and creative thinking, and the capability to interact and interplay with different information and topics. Knowledge and education must be separated, with the first becoming more tailor made for the individual, a full life activity, constantly linked to the external world and real business, and the second finally detached for ideologic and political government strategies, and owned by the community, based on ethical and social values, on human respect, on philosophic milestones.

The new school must become the center of knowledge and development of the community, open to everybody, where it is possible to find help and support start a business , or to share knowledge with others, where it is possible to work and interact in real time with other schools around the world and in this way to acquire a wider view of the reality and of us.

A new school where the young generations can find again their active role and responsibility in the society, which with the modernity has been taken away from them, giving them only the imposition to be sponges for 13 years, secluded into schools building as prisons without any power or autonomy.

ReDock wants to embrace this new vision, to build a new education and knowledge development system in our villages, a vision which we believe will create more social, happy and self conscious human beings, and in the same time give the community an incredible pover for innovation and development.

We want to create a playground for the new individual. An individual who can use his hands as his brain, and can be emphatic, responsible and ethical, an human being open to the diversity, the other cultures, a local and a traveler, a host and a guest.

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