Money and Politics

Isn’t this the heaviest subject of all? These two are undoubtedly the two most popular subjects to tell bullshit about… So why not try to avoid the crap pit and talk essence!

Money and politics are not science; they are based on 100{f4c266a470fc3d8c9597148c9dcc3fa35634a6db0fc07f292e7d1e393ba820aa} human emotion. Together with another emotional driven power, namely religion, these tyrannic creatures are ruling our world!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this; money was meant to be an honest trading device, democracy was meant to be an honest way of voting for the best representation of common well being, and all religions are still meant to be preaching about love and peace in the world.

How could it go so wrong? Can we still save our planet with these three pillars turned into vast pillars of ancient poison? Oh yes we can! (didn’t hear that one for a long time..) Why? If these pillars are made out of emotions it might just work to change our emotions to revive the world.

Is that naïve? No it isn’t! Huge companies are bankrupt because of emotions; if we stop using fossil fuels tomorrow we’ll break the biggest companies on earth. Donald Trump was elected on emotions, thus becoming the leader of the biggest economy on this planet. And how uncomfortable that may seem, there is a positive message in him being elected: nothing is impossible, also in positive empowerment.

If we all stand for a better world, we can beat the old system and change that system to become a system that represents our emotional drive. A system that leads to a peaceful world, equal sharing, recovery of nature and happiness for the most.

It’s time to rethink money. It’s time to rethink politics.
It’s time to believe in making changes, starting with our own perception.

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