Rethinking Money

Money would serve us perfectly well as an honest trading device… if we would be able to share in honesty, being punished when doing bad and rewarded to do good. Especially with today’s interest rate, money does not have real value until we trade it for goods or services.

It was not so long ago that money was still a harmless instrument. In the 70’s banks were still sleepy and dull moneychangers without ‘products’ and investment banking aspirations.
But the last 40 years banks became an example of the damage that a ‘money focused economy’ can do to the people and the planet. As the industrial era is almost coming to an end, globalization is being questioned and the economy blackened by the rich and poor gap is in dire need of re-thinking.

If we would be able to re-create a new civilization today it should be one with honest sharing of goods and efforts. But most of all it would be a civilization where money plays a subservient role in the creation of a happy, healthy and meaningful life.

It’s in that very last part where we need to find the key towards the future. Efficiency, processes and systems will soon be aged and outdated management terms. It is value creation that needs to drive the world. Value creation on ethical grounds. And that is the key: making business out of innovation with the ultimate goal to improve the world and restore the damage we did to our planet.

Money is not a bad thing. As soon as we stop making money out of money, start sharing honestly and go back to a time that ethical values were the core of a prosperous community. Sounds promising? To us it is more like the drums of the tribe of tomorrow, sounding in the distance, but clearer and clearer every minute. And it lifts our hearts.

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