Rethinking Health and Earth

Why are health and earth so strongly connected?
Because the earth feeds us, the earth gives us the oxygen to breathe and the earth provides us with the medicines to help cure us. On all three living conditions we made a ‘development’ over the last couple of hundred years which now painfully backfires on us. The developments we made were not based on a health program for the entire planet. They were based on making business, making money under the false ethics of granting us health and prosperity.

No big farmer will agree that eating less meat and doing agriculture  in an ecological way will give us a healthy food program for 9 billion people.

No fossil-based industry will admit that they are the cause of global warming and that we should turn our back on all fossil fuels as soon as possible.

No pharmaceutical will without hesitation use medicines coming from nature, as they cannot get a patent on natural medicines.

So here we stand as innocent residents of this planet.. We have been misled and lied to by people that we trusted to keep us and the planet in shape.

Local food programs, local energy programs and the search for natural medicines, provided by ourselves is the hope for the future. And that future might be the glory of mankind… if we all realise where we stand and what we should do to change it.

For our children; for our own future life on this beautiful globe, and above all: for the conservation of our planet. We have no other place to hide.

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