Rethinking Politics

In our search for a new and better way of living we come across beautiful, inspiring people who are willing to give their know how, energy and even money to create a better world.

We are all convinced that a better world is one where we take care of our planet and where we try to heal and restore nature in balance. We’ve come across big eco restorations that are taking place all over the world but are still in need of more volunteers, experts and visionaries.

The key to these eco restoration projects is to create an active community around it, looking for a different, better way to live and participate in healing our planet without giving up their day job and their attachment to the urban life.

ReDock is developing a model for these communities. Sustainable communities with a high level of self support including independent energy and water supplies. A community like this needs a day to day programming of long stay/ short stay, visitors, creative business meetings, Ted talks, maintenance, field work schedules etc.

And this is where politics (not) comes in. It is becoming more clear every day that politics will not be able to make the difference on climate and eco protection on short terms, while problems needs to be addressed here and now.

A self supporting community with as less as dependencies to politics as possible seems the only way to set an successful example on short notice. The change should come from the bottom, that is our conclusion and that is what we are going to do!

With enough people on our side we could start a wave of people living a healthy, ethical life with one common purpose:


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